Men also Can Natural Eating Disorders, This is Why

Eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia are problems that often occur in women due to dietary errors. But new research shows that men can also suffer from an eating disorder, but the symptoms are not similar.Women who want the ideal body shape and the men who want a muscular body contains, choose a diet by limiting calorie intake. This can put the risk of eating disorders that adversely impact nourishment.Men need to ask themselves a few questions to find out if she had an eating disorder. This is necessary because most men do not realize a small change in their daily life that leads to health problems.Here are 5 list of questions you need to consider to ensure that you have been eating and exercising in a healthy zone, among others:

1. Do you have a specific physical symptoms? 

If after a workout you feel weak, dizzy, and experiencing other serious signs, or after eating you feel panic, despair, and forcing yourself to vomit the food, it shows that you have an eating disorder. 
2. Did you reduce your calorie intake drastically?
Eating disorders can occur if you are on a diet very low in fat or calories without the supervision of a nutritionist. You need calories to be able to move with energy, if the calories in the food you eat very little, your body and your health affected limp.To get a rough idea of ​​the minimum amount of calories you need each day, multiply 25 calories for every pound you weigh. So, if you weigh 175 pounds, you need 1985 calories per day.

3. Are you too extreme exercise? 

Sports are too hard to limit the calories you need to move. If this is done constantly, you tend to lose power and can not even maintain the immune system due to lack of nutrition.

4. Are you obsessed with thoughts about food or your body?

People who spend a lot of time just to think about food, weight, or muscles, may be one sign of an eating disorder. Men with eating disorders tend to wonder if the food is too many and a major effect on his body.

5. Do you have sex less qualified?

Men with eating disorders, more attention to the result of diet and exercise that have lived on body shape. When the body shape is considered not in accordance with what they want, men tend to be less confident in front of her partner.
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