Diet Natural Home Remedy For Diabetes type 2

Many of the symptoms that arise for people with diabetes know the specific type of diabetes. One of the symptoms to know people with type 2 diabetes is high blood sugar, this is a clear symptom that we can know. Based on the survey in the American people with type 2 diabetes is around 20 million people and will continue to grow every year. Complications that often accompany this disease and it is one thing that is a serious loss of vision, kidney failure and heart disease. And this is the fear of many people when you've had diabetes. Diet is one of the most effective and natural way to treat type 2 diabetes and overcome this. Of type 2 diabetes and is caused by excessive consumption of dietary fat sweet the way they do especially the western countries. From the observation that those who are still loyal to traditional foods is rarely affected by this disease. When most people immigrate to urban areas and they begin to recognize and eat foods rich in fat and sugary foods, then they started to get a real risk of diabetes. The fact that there is a problem with diabetes is not a genetic problem.
In the 90's, diabetes cases are rarely encountered because the food is not processed with fat and sugar in addition. In this era there were no fast food restaurants and the people eat traditional food agriculture. Their food prepared at home and naturally processed
Too much fat in the diet and blood interferes with the ability of insulin to function and, because of this, we develop what is known as insulin resistance. There is nothing wrong with the pancreas. It is pumping out more than enough insulin. The body is not able to process the insulin due to excess fat in the blood. We consume 47% of our calories as fat in the standard US diet and it should be around 10%. Then we compound the problem by flooding our bodies with huge quantities of sugar. In the 1920s a person would consume about 5 pounds of sugar annually. Today, we consume nearly 150 pounds of sugar annually!

Following a plant based whole foods diet will eliminate type 2 diabetes in most every case. Whole foods means whole grains and no processed foods such as oil. There is no healthy oil. Pause to consider that our bodies did not evolve over 100,000 years with access to bottles of olive oil hanging from trees. It has been proven in numerous scientific studies that we get all the protein we need from plants which include vegetables, fruits, grains and beans. All of the largest most powerful animals on our planet eat only plants. Primates are 99.99% plant eaters.

The main orthodox method of treating type 2 diabetes is to prescribe medications that lower glucose. These do not address the cause of the disease and do nothing to discourage us from continuing our unhealthy eating habits. Many of these medications stimulate weight gain thus increasing the severity of the diabetes. And the most important thing to remember is that these medications will do nothing to curtail the horrible complications that will eventually occur with type 2 diabetes.

A plant based diet is a natural home remedy for type 2 diabetes and the side effects are all positive! You will feel better, lose weight and live longer.
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