6 Extreme Ways for Body Slimming

6 Extreme Ways Body Slimming | You know what the craziest way to diet? Does it take away the fat and cut the skin through surgery? Ah, that's normal. Some were determined to try an extreme and unnatural to get a slim body. Here are some of the ways they do.
Extreme Ways for Body Slimming

Below are 6 Extreme Ways for Body Slimming

1. Urine injection
Still remember that urine therapy is said can cure diseases? Now urine is believed to slimming effectively. But not just any urine, only urine from pregnant women who have such properties. Sheryl Paloni has proven to successfully dispose of about 19.5 kg of body weight and reduce belly circumference up to approximately 75 cm. How to diet? By injecting urine into the body each day.

2. Sex seven times a day
Making love is effectively burn calories and can therefore be slimming. This is not just theory, Pauline Potter, listed as the world's fattest woman's version of the Guinness World Record, this method to lose weight. She Claiming have sex more than seven times a day, Potter managed to reduce the weight as much as 44.5 kg in one year.

3. Install drip tubes in nose
Weird ways to trim continued to be made, and strangely no one wants to give it a try. Including this one, put a tube in his nose dripping fluid containing a food source for the body. Fluid consisting of protein, fat and water some 800 calories will be dropped automatically at regular intervals throughout the day. This method is performed by dr. Oliver di Pietro of Florida, with the promise to lose weight up to 9 pounds in 10 days.

4. Make sore tongue
There also are be willing to suffer pain when swallowing food so prefer to eat liquid food rather than solid food. That is the basic principle of this slimming method. A sheet of polyethylene mesh (the size of a postage stamp) sewn into the tongue, so it will hurt when eating solid foods. That way, the dieter would prefer a more liquid foods do not make fat. This method promises weight loss as much as 9 pounds in a period of 1 month after the installation of gauze.

5. Forced to flee because of 'shot'
This is not a joke, the obese are forced to run, jump and dodge by using a paintball fired. Paintball UK company called paintball fitness classes conducted for 10 weeks with a price of 199 pounds/person. It is believed this method can burn 800 calories up to 1000 calories in one game.

6. Staying at an altitude of 8700 feet for 1 week
Slim and maintained weight without exercise and still eat whatever you want is not a dream. This can be done if you want to stay in a 8700 foot altitude for 1 week only. A study involving 20 overweight middle-aged men for stay on top of Germany's highest mountain, the Zugspitze, the height of 1000 feet above sea level. Eat and drink whatever they want and not exercise, after a week they actually lost weight by 1 kg in 1 week.
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