Orange Fruit Benefits

Orange Fruit
Orange Fruit

Orange Fruit Health Benefits

Orange fruit benefits - yellow fruit has many benefits for human health. Orange Fruit Benefits beside rich in vitamins and minerals, fruits also contain dietary fiber that is essential for normal body growth and development. Known as citrus fruit fresh-tasting and nutritious and has health benefits.
Oranges Fruit
Oranges Fruit

5 Orange Fruit Benefits

Orange Fruit Benefits Avoiding free radicals
Vitamin C in its role as an anti-oxidant, in addition to protecting the skin from the ill effects of free radicals, it also strengthens the skin cells, so that the skin cells can more rapidly repair damaged tissue due to the effects of free radicals. In addition, vitamin C also increases the production of collagen in the skin so that the skin elasticity was awake. This process is called regeneration process of the skin.
Orange Fruit Benefits Smooth the skin
You get annoyed with rough skin hardened and colored black? Lemon or lime juice can help solve this problem. Rub the part that hardens with a pumice stone or scrub. Then, rub a piece of lemon in the crust. Use a moisturizer afterwards. Do this regularly to get satisfactory results.
Orange Fruit Benefits Removes dead skin and acne
Acid content in vitamin C are also able to attenuate the hoard piles of dead skin leather. With the depletion of this dead skin, clogged pores are also reduced. It is especially good for oily skin / acne.
Orange Fruits
Orange Fruits
Orange Fruit Benefits As a cough medicine
How to make herbal medicine: Lime cut and squeezed take water, then mixed with soy sauce and honey as much. Stir until smooth. Drinks once daily in patients with a tablespoon. If for children, three times a day a teaspoon.
Or it could be cut and squeezed Lemon water taken. Add eucalyptus oil and whiting as much juice. After these three ingredients mixed rub on the chest, neck and back pain sufferers cough and cold.
Orange Fruit Benefits As the fever medicine
How to make herbal medicine: Lime cut mixed with papaya leaves and turmeric. These three ingredients boiled with three glasses of water. Boil the ingredients until the remaining one cup and strain the water to drink three glasses a day much as half a glass.
Oranges Fruits
Oranges Fruits
Oranges Fruits
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