Fried Banana Sand | Pisang Goreng Pasir

Materials to make a dish of fried bananas sand

  • 5 pieces of bananas, cut into the fan -
  • Coarse bread flourpangko 150 grams -
  • The chocolate topping to taste -
  • Cooking oil to taste -

  • Wheat flour is 200 grams of protein -
  • Chicken eggs 1 egg -
  • Water 150 ml -
  • 2 tablespoons sugar -
  • Salt to taste -

How to make fried bananas sand

  1. Mix all dye ingredients, mix well and set aside. Dip bananas in dye batter until blended, drain.
  2. Roll banana bread on the flour until blended.
  3. Heat oil, fry the bananas until golden brown. Remove and drain.
  4. Serve the bananas with chocolate topping.

- Bananas can be coated with cheese or spread with butter to taste with a new, wrapped in flour.
- When serving, topping can be tailored to the content that is inserted between banana or to taste.

For 5 pieces
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