Nuts Lowering Blood Sugar

Nuts Lowering Blood Sugar - Nuts are healthy foods that should be part of the diet. In those with diabetes mellitus, regular chewing foods that have a low glycemic index such as beans, proved to lower blood sugar levels and blood pressure.

Nuts are known to contain nutrient dense, rich in fiber and protein. Because nuts contain low glycemic index or slower to raise blood sugar, peanut snack is the right choice for diabetics.

"Beans and legumes are known good for the heart. However apparently, it good for the heart in a way that was unexpected,"
said Dr.David Jenkins of the Canada Research Chair in Nutrition and Metabolism are doing this research.

For people with diabetes, legumes not only glucose control but also have a significant impact on blood pressure.

Unclear how the scientific mechanism of nuts in controlling glucose and blood sugar, but according to Jenkins it may be due to protein, fiber, and minerals in it.

"Make beans and legumes as part of your diet because it's not just keeping blood sugar and blood pressure, these foods can lower cholesterol,"
he advised.

In his research, Jenkins randomly asked 121 patients with type 2 diabetes to consume one cup of nuts every day or Cereal products intact.

After three months, it was the group who consumed nuts had improvement in their blood sugar levels than those who ate Cereal intact. The other bonus is uncontrolled blood pressure levels.

These benefits are not just making diabetes under control but also prevent cardiovascular disease.
Nuts Lowering Blood Sugar
Responding to the results of the study, nutritionist Marion Franz Minneapolis, USA, said that nuts are good for diabetics but also need to be considered about number.

"The important thing for patients with diabetes mellitus is not what they eat but how much you eat. Healthier food if too much is also not recommended,"
said Franz.

Samantha Heller, clinical nutrition coordinator also suggest eating nuts for patients with diabetes. But you should also be balanced with weight management.

Because the Canadian study involved few patients, the diet can not be applied in general. Setting diabetes diet should be tailored to the patient's lifestyle. Therefore remain necessary in consultation with the treating doctor.
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