5 Benefits From The Raw Food Diet

Raw food, or also called living food (living food) is food in its most original. Alias ​​had no cooking or heating. Generally, raw food consists of vegetables, fruits
and raw nuts. In the enzymes contained in raw vegetables, a substance the body needs to digest food.

When cooked at a temperature above 45 degrees Celsius, the nutrients in the vegetables will still remain. However, the enzyme that should be an essential ingredient for digestive actually dead. Meanwhile, foods that do not contain enzymes, when entered into the body would be recognized as foreign.
Enzymes dead, half-dead body process (food). Bodies will have more enzyme production. But if raw food enzyme so the body is not dead do not need another enzyme production. Alleviate this works.

So what are the benefits of eating raw food?

1. Raw fruits and vegetables contain fiber, which is still high. Fiber helps to reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes.

2. Help cleanse the colon, nourishing 'electric' (as it still contains enzymes) so the body so it feels fit. Electricity humans need to move and can only be obtained from live food.

3. Preventing obesity. Raw fruits and vegetables are rich in nutrients but low in calories.  

It is also more easily digested by the body resulting in faster also remove toxins through the stool.

4. Raw food consisting of vegetables and fruits to meet the three elements of a healthy diet. 

First, it has a high nutrient such as vitamins, minerals. Second, high in fiber so they can sweep all the dirt on the body. Third, know themselves not to leave traces in the body. Three elements will be very beneficial to maintain a healthy body.

5. Helps streamline the body.  

According to experts, raw food is very helpful because there is a slimming effect is very effective in helping the process of burning fat. When we eat fruits and vegetables (raw), the fiber in these foods have an effect block the fat, so fat that enters the body is not too much. 
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