Prevent Obesity With An Apple A Day

The fruit filling is most often consumed for dieters. Dense texture with a slightly sweet water suitable eaten fresh. Better not peeled, because it is useful to enhance muscle building.

Fruit with green skin and red color cover yellowish-white flesh that can burn calories in the body. This has been demonstrated in mice that are obese, diabetic symptoms and accumulation of fat in the liver.

This study also demonstrated the new babies have brown fat in the skin. Because apples are often given when a child can be lost fat. Just like adults, usually brown fat in the neck and between the shoulder blades.

However, few studies have been associated with increasing levels of brown fat with low rates of obesity and blood sugar levels. This study actually leads to a reduction of brown fat in the skin can help prevent obesity and diabetes.

Incidence of obesity associated with diabetes and heart in fat storage is a common problem that often occurs. A new study by the University of Iowa examined, suggesting that the substances naturally found in the skin of apples can protect mice from obesity.

These findings suggest that ursolat acid contained in the skin of apples can reduce obesity. Other health problems associated with increasing the amount of muscle and brown fat can also be overcome by burning calories.
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