Why Local Fruits More Nutritious?

Why Local Fruits More Nutritious? | According to data released from the Central Bureau of Statistics, the fruit consumption of Indonesia is very low. In 2004, about 6 in 10 people do not eat enough fruit for nutritional needs. In addition due to lack of awareness in eating fruit, and fruit price is quite high for poor families.

But, Is fruits price really expansive to day? Apparently, not always. Because just import fruit that dhow the high price, while the price of a local fruit is still affordable.
Local Fruits More Nutritious
Unfortunately, Many peoples prefer import fruit then local fruit, because considered more prestigious and more benefits. Beside that import fruit have a good shape then local fruit. Local fruit usually avoided because it shape is less prestigious, and also not in high level. Whereas benefit and nutrition value of local fruit is bigger then import.

"imports Fruit actually just won prestige, but its nutrient content is less than the local fruit," said nutrition expert, Emilia E. Achmadi, MS, RD, in "Does You Good Buavita Fruit", in the Birdcage, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta, Monday (3/19/2012) ago.

Nutrition of fruit is actually affected the soil structure, and post-harvest treatment. Because delivery of the fruit that is quite distant, imported fruit is generally harvested in the pre-mature to prevent rapid deterioration and decay during the delivery process. Harvesting the fruit before it matures will greatly affect the nutrient content in the fruit.

"The content of the fruit of the highest nutrient found in ripe fruit, so that harvesting of the fruit before it's time to cut the channel of the nutrients in fruits," he said.

Preservation of fruit by using chemicals such as wax coating makes the appearance smooth and shiny imported fruit, so it looks very tempting. In fact, the wax layer can be a bad influence on health.

In contrast, the nutrient content of local fruit considered better because at the time of delivery mileage is not too far away. The result, post-harvest treatment need not involve any preservatives or other chemicals. Because of distance delivery that tends to close, the fruit can be harvested when ripe, so the maximum nutritional content. In addition, because of its delivery mileage is not much, and being sold in the market, prices tend to be local fruit was cheaper.

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This is such a great advice. Another good advice I came across is that eat FRESH FRUITS EVERYDAY and on an EMPTY STOMACH!