10 Habits That Can Make Women's Health & Happiness

When looking at other women have always twinkling eyes, body fit, and exceptional optimistic mood, you might wonder about the secret to get it. Is he done?

Strict diet, or just by implementing healthy habits? Research shows that by implementing some simple lifestyle can improve your physical and mental health. Here are 10 easy ways to become happier and healthier, as quoted from Womans Day:

1.Invest for yourself

"Women are very good at investing for the needs and desires of others, but to spend the money for themselves is a luxury," said Debra Engle, creator InnerGardener.com. Invest for yourself can increase feelings of a healthier and more prosperous, and then improve your mood, appearance, and outlook. Why not enroll in classes that help your career or hobby that let you explore the outdoors?

2. Relax your brain nerves

Neurobiologist Lawrence Katz of Duke University reported that cognitive exercise, called 'neurobics' could enable new connections in the brain and fight the effects of mental aging. Neurobics use your five senses in unexpected ways, which strengthens the neural connections and help cells stay young and strong receivers. Try to get used to dress or bathe in the dark, switch what you're used to the other side of your body (for example, put your watch on the other wrist), different smell every morning, or cooking food that is cooked rare, like sushi.

3. Perform acts of courage

In her book Women & Money, Suze Orman writes of women are afraid to come out of their comfort zone. "We are afraid of confrontation. We are afraid to disappoint someone. We're afraid of losing their jobs. We are afraid we are going to divorce our husbands. We fear our children do not love us. We are afraid of what others think about our otang," he wrote. So try to take small risks such as talking at work or go to the movies alone to train you to act more boldly, like asking for a raise or traveling alone. Perform a random act of courage can reduce fear, increase self-esteem, and increase courage.

4. Friends with bad feelings

Many women feel guilty for being a housewife or a working mother and others. If you can not eliminate guilt, motivator Susan Wilson choose the easy part. "There may be some benefit to keep a sense of guilt and then wonder, why are you here? How can I be useful? You can save it for some time, but there are times when you must leave, "said Wilson. Give yourself room to feel the positive and negative emotions. By observing your feelings - instead of reacting about it - can help you to calm and stay focused.

5. Sports that did Likes

According to Pierce Howard, PhD, in The Owner's Manual for the Brain, if you force yourself to exercise such as jogging, cycling, or swimming for triathlon athletes spouse, you can make yourself healthy not even hurt. Do exercise that is consistent with hobbies and personality. Do not stop when a new attempt to do so, because a lot of diving so. Get used to try different sports with an open mind. Throw away your preconceived notions properties, such as 'I am not good enough to play badminton'. Focus on fun and fitness.

6. Familiarize laugh

"Effects olaharaga laugh and is very similar," says psychologist and laugh therapist Steve Wilson. Says, adding laughter in everyday movements, such as waving, activating almost all the human psychological system. Laughter burns calories, increase positive endhorfin (natural painkillers ), reduces stress and strengthens the immune system. with a belly laugh can even increase self-esteem, and even help you deal with the problem. Getting used to laugh every two hours as healthy as eating an apple a day.

7. The smell of lemon

Inhaling the smell of oranges can directly affect a variety of neurotransmitters in the brain, which can improve your mood and enhance the immune system. Research from the Department of Psychiatry at Ohio State University found that lemon oil can create positive feelings by changing levels of serotonin in the brain and nerepinephrine. An easy way to give the scent of lemon or lime in your daily routine by using a diffuser aromatherapi, potpourri, candles, bath oils, or mix with a clean cloth to taste the essence of oil in your clothes dryer.

8. Learn to love the job

Psychotherapist Beth Mares advise you to find a cause that makes you not satisfied with the job. Do you feel the salary is less, useless, not appreciated, or too much work load? In addition to finding a new job, you must learn to say no, refuse to make a personal thing, or learn new job skills. Another option is to focus on the reason you work there. In order to feel happy in the office, remind yourself of the benefits and plan your long-term. Career Expert, Marcus Buckingham, also advise you to apply your strengths and overcome weaknesses.

9. Socializing for the sake of your mental health

"According to our study, socializing was as effective as mental exercises to improve memory and intelligence," said Oscar Ybarra, a psychologist at the Institute for Social Research. Just 10 minutes of social interaction as much intelaktual improve by completing a crossword puzzle or activity 'intellectual' other. Ephey Nicholas, assistant professor at the University of Chicago, adds a different view: "Loneliness has a level of pain and greater mortality compared with smoking. ' Socialize reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation - the factors that accelerate aging, increase blood pressure, and create anxiety.

10. Measure the ability of your finances on a regular basis

"We have to create a healthy and honest relationships with our money," he wrote in the Women & Money Orman. "And we have to see this relationship as a reflection of our relationship with ourselves," he added. Orman believes that how we cope with finances reflects how we perceive and appreciate who we are. For developing certain relationships healthy relationship with money, learn cycle exit and entry of the money in your account, retirement benefits, credit card bills, home insurance, life insurance, and family finances. Get used to see new aspects of your spending habits or income every month.
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