Familiarize Yourself How To Wake Up Early

Familiarize Yourself How To Wake Up Early | Heavy exercise in the morning can increase your metabolism up to 12 hours. This condition makes the body more efficient in utilizing the accumulated fat. At night, your metabolism decreases, so the benefits of exercise in the evening is not the same as exercising in the morning.

But the problem is, many people who have trouble waking up. Most people who try hard to wake up this morning suffering from 'sleep inertia'. This condition resembles a drunken condition that makes people lose track of time and may take several minutes to half an hour.

"The number one cause of sleep inertia are sleep deprived. People who feel more productive at night often have difficulty going to bed early at night. Tendency to be a 'nocturnal' can be influenced by genetic factors," says Dr Sarah Blunden, researchers at University of South Australia as reported by BodyandSoul.com, Friday (03/15/2012).

To be able to 'wake up', try the following tips:

1. Presenting Yourself with Sunlight
The best way to reset the body clock is to expose yourself to sunlight in the morning. When the retina absorb light, central nervous system receives a message that it is time to wake up.

2. Take medicine
Changing sleep patterns can also be done by taking melatonin tablets. This tablet should be taken two hours before bedtime is in want to change the body clock to match the changes in the normal day.

3. Changing Eating Time
Changing meals and social routines can also change the body clock. Schedule for breakfast at 07:00 am, lunch at 12:00 and dinner at 18:30 and 19:00. This schedule acts as a signal to mark the body's biological rhythms.

4. Strong determination
If determined to be up in the morning, then the lazy habits must be abandoned. Immediately get out of bed when they hear the alarm goes off. Tell yourself before going to sleep, 'I have to wake up when the alarm goes off' and do not procrastinate up. Typically, the initial difficulty in sleeping patterns mengobah will be felt for 2 weeks.
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