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Benefits Of Long Beans | One vegetable that is easy to find in traditional markets. Use of elliptic vegetables can be incorporated in a variety of cuisines. Starting from the pan-fried, fried chili wear, made ​​curry, made ​​of vegetables, for gado-gado, or pecel. It feels good and great, have lots of health benefits for our body. That's the beans.

Bean plants are easy to find in the fields, gardens, yards, houses, fields, or as other crops. Maintenance is easy to make this plant easily grown, so that eventually became widely known throughout the Indonesia. He can grow well in loose soil and containing humus, can hold water. African origin of this plant grows at an altitude of 1000 meters above sea level (masl).

Bean flowers are at the end of a long stalk, white, yellow, or blue, and blooms in the morning. Shaped fruit pods and can reach 75 cm in length. Seeds oval with indentations in the middle, dark red, white, black, and mottled.

Beans contain beta-carotene, chlorophyll, vitamins B1 and B2, protein, thiamine, riboflavin, phosphorus, iron, fiber, and pectin. Vegetables are useful for controlling blood sugar levels, treat hypertension, minimizes the risk of stroke, heart attack, treating constipation, and improve the functioning of the digestive organs. In addition, he also has diuretic properties (laxative urine) levels are. By taking it regularly can help smooth diyakinin urination.

In some countries, beans are used to treat rheumatism, arthritis, and urinary tract disorders. Also to keep the skin from acne problems, helping fuel the recovery Lukar, diarrhea, eczema, kidney disorders, and itching. For those at risk of developing breast cancer and leukemia can take advantage of this vegetable because it contains anti-cancer substances. There are also the content of antioxidants, antiviral, and antibacterial. He also can improve the function of red blood cells, curing the disease of sheep, overcoming back pain, and anemia.

How do I use this vegetable?

To shed the urine, take 50 grams of fresh bean leaves. Rinse and then boiled in two cups of water about 30 minutes. Once cool, strain the water, then drink twice a day in the morning and afternoon.

For back pain sufferers, prepare 200 grams of bean seeds, 200 grams of ginger, and 25 grams of kencur. All material is then boiled with 500 cc of water to the remaining approximately 200 cc. After that, strain the water and then drink.

To increase stamina and overcome fatigue, take 100 grams of beans, plus five angco (remove seeds) and 25 grams of kencur. Boil all ingredients with 600 of water, until the remaining 200 grams. Filtered water, add honey to taste, then drink.

For patients with anemia, take 200 grams of beans, 100 grams of wine, and enough chicken liver. Cook all ingredients to taste and eat regularly.

Finally, To get the breast skin is smooth and fast, take the long beans, finely crushed and take the juice. Then apply on the breast for two times a week regularly.
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