4 signs your diet off track

Mean heart want to be thin, what is the road taken was not yet reached its destination. This may be one sign that your diet program has been off the track, before it's too late to know the symptoms first.

Weight loss is uncertain
Down 3 pounds this month, next month gained 5 kg. According to nutritionists, people affected by diet like this is usually the person who underwent a super strict diet and want to be thin in no time. Should set a long term time by eating a regular diet, without having to minimize or exaggerate.

Dizziness and lethargy

Eating less and drinking more will make a quick pants baggy. But if you exceed the limit will be malnourished.

It's hard to focus

Reduce your intake of carbohydrates and makes the performance of the brain is interrupted. Meanwhile, one of the main function of carbohydrates is sebaga power source so that we can work well.

Bad breath
Nausea and bad breath are warning that there was something wrong with the hull. Improve diet before you become a victim of the stomach!
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