Dangers Of Drinking Too Much Water

You feel fine all this time? As I did, but all will change when there is a report indicating that there is something called water intoxication. Have you ever read about this? This is a medical term that has meaning most of the water in the body can kill you. Scientific reason behind why drinking too much water can kill you is because although we are 66% composed of water, not just the salt water was also found therein. Salt is a vital component in our body and when we drink too much water we flush the salt value. So the blood diluted to the point where it is not functioning properly, which ended in death.
Adult requires an average of 8 liters of water a day. And until now no studies have revealed that this is a false theory. Actually this is the natural standard, and we must adhere to that standard. But sometimes we do not get enough water from our daily activities. We all know when you are not getting enough water in a day we will have impaired health condition, such as digestive disorders and others. Then you must consume adequate amounts of water. Drinking too much water is not really something that the average person would do, it's really limited to athletes who are training and the like so when they think they sweat much water they should replace them.
Replacing water is true because if you do not do that you could dehydrate and that’s not a pretty picture either. Endurance sports like marathon runners often fall victim to drinking too much water. As of late though it’s been high school and college age students performing dares and playing drinking games that have fallen victim to the dangers of over consumption of water. It’s important to tell your children about the dangers of water intoxication.

Water is important so reading this shouldn’t frighten you from drinking water. I knew people growing up who hardly ever drank water at all. They lived on soda and fruit juices and milk. Today they are in poor health and have very bad teeth because of that entire sugar intake. It’s the sugary drinks you should limit. Water is healthy for you and good for you in moderation. As I said above you should have at least 8 glasses of water a day, especially if you aren’t eating a ton of foods with natural water.

Foods like celery or watermelon which has a ton of water in it. If you aren’t getting a lot of those foods in your diet daily you have to supplement more water than someone who actually was eating more watery foods. Also, how much do you sweat? I sweat all the time even if it’s not hot outside I sweat and have since I was a kid, which means that I drink more water during the day than my husband does because he rarely sweats at all. Urine color is another tells tale sign that you need more water in your diet. If you’ve got smelly dark yellow urine then you need more water.
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