Knowing the Benefits of Sapodilla Fruit

Knowing the Benefits of Sapodilla Fruit | Sapodilla fruit is the name for the fruit with a characteristic dark brown color and rough (young or immature) or light brown with a smooth surface (for the fruit is ripe), oval or ovoid with a diameter of about 6-7 cm and a length of 10 cm, and this sweet.

Perhaps the "call" brown adopting English (sapote), although sounding a bit forced, but also strange to realize that Malaysia as the former British colony have not adopted the term "Sapote" become "brown", zapo, or thereabouts, but call it by ciku.

Apart from these attributes are really brown varies depending on the country where the sapodilla is grown and consumed, the sapodilla is one among the 14 kinds of fruit that is almost extinct in Indonesia, but the benefits of sapodilla fruit very much, especially for health.

Sapodilla Fruit Types

Before explaining the benefits of sapodilla fruit, it helps us recognize that the types of sapodilla. Sapodilla fruit has 6 species:
1. Brown manila (Achraz Zapota)
2. Brown-green (Chrysophillum Cainito)
3. Dark brown (Diospyros Digyna)
4. Dark brown (Diospyros Nigra)
5. Kecik sapodilla (Manilkara kauki)
6. Manila sapodilla (Manilkara Zapota)

Each species has its own close relatives, eg brown-black (Diospyros Digyna) Semek closely related fruit (Diospyros feet Thunb), Culiket (Diospyros malabarica (Descr.) Kostel.) And butter fruit (Diospyros blancoi A. DC .), but there is still no definitive studies of whether the benefits of the sapodilla fruit with the other different types.

Uniqueness and Plant Sawo

Actually there was no specific criteria for appropriate regarding environment for planting the sapodilla. Different environments will not affect the benefits of sapodilla fruit because the fruit is included in the plant that is easy to adapt to new environmental conditions, ranging from lowland to highland (Sapodilla yet to mature to perfection after being picked, ripe on the tree instead).

In addition, the benefits of brown plants are: resistance to drought, practical five-month dry season. Sapodilla tree is very suitable for erosion-prone areas, this is because the roots are strong enough to the ground pierced through. These plants can be selected as a display home page, because of its ability to grow in a closed or open.

Benefits of Sapodilla Fruit

Sapodilla fruit has so many benefits, ranging from wood, leather until brown beans have compounds that are beneficial to health. Let us exfoliate one by one:

1. Wood
Wood of this plant material is often used for furniture and statues or carvings, especially the wood of the tree 'sapodilla kacik ". However, the sapodilla tree wood is not good for much less firewood used building materials.

2. Leaf
The leaves also have a unique anatomical structures such as humans, have the costae (the human version of: broken ribs, brown version: maternal bone from the tip to the base of the leaf), epidermis up, down, lateral nerves, veins, etc.. Brown leaf is very useful for inflammation of the mouth.

3. Leather/Skin
Brown skin contains tannin, a compound useful as an antimicrobial (bacteria and viruses) that can be used to stop diarrhea.

4. Fruits
This is the most preferred, sweet taste characteristic, namely: sweet sintered (as it is sweet, fresh sand in it). One benefit of this is the sapodilla fruit to treat diarrhea,

5. Seed
Brown seeds contain saponin, which is a glycoside of the plant itself is useful as a storage carbohydrate, or a wasteproduct of plant metabolism itself. But unfortunately, saponins can cause abdominal pain, but apparently there are also benefits of this poison for us, ie, as a protection against attack, and is a powerful poison for fish and amphibians.

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