6 Tips Create the Body 'Exercise' Although The Whole Day At The Office

You may be one of the many people who spend all day sitting in the office. Did you know sitting too long can cause health-threatening illness? For example, diabetes, obesity and heart attacks.

Survey conducted by the University of Minnesota and the Mayo Clinic of 30 employees from Caldrea revealed that employees who work while standing in a while a healthier and more energetic than sit all day long. Surveys conducted by standing while working for several hours with supervisors monitor so they do not sit down until the appointed time.

Should stand a few hours when he was in office? You do not need to do that. Consider the following six steps that can help your body stay active despite working all day at the office, as quoted by Hufftington Post.

1.Keep Posture
According to the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), in America, which is a computer all day in front of you can cause headaches. Make sure the computer is in the right position to keep the arms straight and elbows against the table. So that the neck is stiff, the computer screen should be at eye level. Then, your feet flat on the floor with your knees bent 90 degrees. Sitting with a 90 degree angle will make the body stay upright and fit, it also relieves the stress of the job.

2.Use the stairs instead of Lift

Do not treat yourself to always use the elevator to reach the room where you work. Try to ride through the steps so that your muscles are more active. By climbing 3 to 5 steps can help support the body's calorie burning.

3.Try Change Sit Alas Surfaces Clouds
Perhaps you are already comfortable with padded seats and flat base. However, there is nothing wrong if occasionally replace the seat base with a surface that is not flat. You can use a chair or a chair-shaped balloons the ball. If you are embarrassed to wear the seat, you can add pillows on the cushion. That way, the muscles around the buttocks to the feet will be more engaged. Keep your distance from your eyes with a computer in order to remain in the right position.

4.Take advantage of little time for a walk
Relax your body with a walk. Road here does not mean you have to exit the office and went to the tourist attractions. You can take advantage of the opportunity to stand or walk over to your boss or coworkers. For example, you want to ask your boss about the work recently completed. You are better to him directly rather than having to send an email that you do not make many moves. Or it could also discuss with colleagues while standing or walking.

5.Meeting at the Foreign Office

This could be a part that can make you eliminate fatigue and stress. In addition, you are more healthy because it is done outside the meeting to boost energy and avoid prolonged sitting.

6.Sports in Place

You do not have to run for miles in order to avoid the effects of most of the sitting. You can exercise in place, such as stretching or yoga poses that make muscles move and not rigid. For example, lift your hands, then move to the left and right. Or put the hand on the chin, then the basket to the left and right. After doing some sports movement in the seat, you will feel more fresh and reduce nervous tension in the body, especially the neck, back and waist.
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