5 Myths About Food for Weight Loss

Currently undergoing a weight loss diet, there is only information about the food that should be stopped and should not be consumed. Often dieters hunger for hours or exposed to malnutrition because they do not eat food that is touted to be avoided in the diet.Skipping carbs, drinking only water and fruit or slimming pill instead of making the body lean but it gives a more serious health problem. Diet does not mean you have to starve, but how to arrange a proper diet. Here are the myths about foods that could fatten the body, you need to know.

1. Rice Make Fat 

Fact: You will not get fat by eating rice, if the portions are not excessive. Rice will give you nutrients like magnesium, iron, fiber, protein and niacin. But keep in mind the type of rice that is consumed. Choose brown rice, brown rice or black rice instead of white rice. They are better because of its high fiber content as well as having a more healthy complex carbohydrates.

2. Coconut Oil is Good for Health 

Fact: Even though coconut oil belongs to the class of saturated oil, but coconut oil is good for health because abortion is good. Virgin coconut oil has the main content of lauric acid which acts as an antibiotic, anti-bacterial and fungi. Coconut oil can also increase your metabolism, increase energy, cure the infection quickly and easily absorbed by the body. It's just that limit their use, no more than two tablespoons per day.

3. All Saturated Fat Bad For Health

Fact: butter and cheese are in the category saturated oils, but they are still a family with coconut oil and palm oil are good for you. Fatty acids improve brain function and reduce osteoporosis in women. Even so, it remains wise use of saturated fat in your diet. Learn to differentiate between good fats and bad fats.

4. Bananas Make Fat

Fact: This fruit will actually give you an energy boost after exercise. Bananas can you eat to increase your intake of carbohydrates, fiber and vitamins. Bananas have no fat and are low in calories, so suitable to be consumed when you are on a weight loss diet.

5. Potatoes are fattening

Fact: It depends on how you cultivate potatoes. If you are frying and soaking in oil, there will be a form of fat deposits in your body. However, if the serve with roasted, boiled or steamed, potatoes are a healthy source of carbohydrates.

So what foods are fattening and should be removed?Rice, potatoes, coconut oil, banana and saturated fats instead of unhealthy foods. But there are some other foods that are potentially causing obesity. These foods should be avoided if you want a successful diet:- Foods containing sugar- A sweet snack- Ice cream- Carbonated beverages (soda)

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