Breast Cancer Can Prove To Be A Curse If Not Treated At Right Time

As theurbanization and industrialization is increasing, the cases of breast cancer are also increasing. Proper awareness and regular treatment is necessary to treat the condition. A proper guidance can help millions to get prevention from the disease.It is a common form of cancer among woman. It has become a crucial issue related to woman’s health.

This chronic disease is gaining momentum. Proper awareness can save many lives. The campaigns must be run to make people aware of the condition. Breast cancer animated video offer thorough information about the condition. It helps to spread awareness among people by describing about the symptoms, causes and prevention.

Before all that it’s important to understand what breast cancer is? Breast cancer is a cancer that originates from breast tissue. It’s a human disease and the majority of cases in humans are women although men can also develop breast cancer but mainly women are its prime victim.

· The kind of the treatment is determined by the size, stage, rate of growth and several other causes.

· The treatment of breast cancer includes drugs, radiation, immunotherapy and even surgery in serious cases.

· In some cases, Chemotherapy is also given in addition to surgery. It stops the cells from spreading further. I

· t is also seen that some breast cancers are sensitive to some hormones like estrogen and progesterone so it makes the condition possible to treat, by blocking them. Breast cancer animated video provides information about the condition in a very beneficial way so that the information can be obtained easily.

· The survival rate depends on the type and stage of the cancer although the survival rates are quite good.

· The symptoms of breast cancer can be noticed by self- examination. The first symptom that can be noticed is a lump in the breast that feels different from rest of the breast tissue. Breast cancer animated video offer all related information about the condition in a very relevant manner so that people can get aware of the condition.

· Around 80% of cases are discovered when a woman feels lump in her breast. The lump can be located in armpit.

· Other indications of breast cancer may include changes in the size and shape of the breast. Mammogram is also a technique which is used to diagnose the earliest stages of breast cancer.

· The symptoms like change in the shape and size of the breast, nipple inversion, nipple discharge, pain etc. determines the presence of the breast cancer. Breast cancer animated video can help to understand the problem easily and it also describe about the related factors.

There are several risk factors associated with the condition such asage, sex, lack of child bearing, breast feeding, economic status, iodine deficiency in the diet etc. A proper awareness is necessary to get prevented from the condition.

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