A Simple Tactic To Stop Nail Biting

nail bitingA simple solution to your problem is developing a clear mental picture of the nails you intend to achieve if you are successful with your decision to quit nail biting. It is necessary for you to know where you are heading with your plan. If you know the outcome, it will certainly be easier for you to try harder to obtain your goal.

Many nail biters have difficulty visualizing well groomed nails when they have their rough and serrated nails in front of their eyes. You need to take some time to imagine how the white edges will finally go beyond the tips of your fingers and form attractive nails that you will be able to place in front of you on tables confidently without the anxiety of others seeing them. It would be such a relief for you to not waste your energy on hiding your hands from everyone. Imagine how people will comment on your pretty nails and how that will boost up your pride.

If this does not work, simply cut out a picture of beautifully groomed nails from a magazine or search for an appropriate photo on the internet and print it out.

When you have a vivid mental vision of your ideal nails, compare them to your present unappealing nails and your determination to quit nail biting will definitely increase.

Several people are skeptic about this method. They ask how imagining the end result can increase your chances of victory. Actually, the brain cannot differentiate between what you are imagining and what it is actually seeing. This technique cunningly tricks the mind into thinking that you have long nails, and then you will automatically work towards attaining them as quickly as you can. Many successful athletes in the world use this method to win contests and competitions. They are living proof of how effective this way really is.

Keep envisioning the output of your efforts for a few weeks and the key is: don't give up. Soon you will be very close to fulfilling your objective.

This simple tip may sound silly or even unrealistic, but when applied it will make the difference between being successful and not being successful. It's an important part of the equation to keep things in a good, health matter and do the steps outlined that will bring you closer to success and faster than you might have though possible.

Article by : Phil Isenmann

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