Toys With Too Loud Noise Would Hurt Children Hearing Function

According to the latest research and test on the nineteen kinds of toys in the U.S market, after playing with 15 kinds of toys for about 15 minutes, children’s hearing function would get a little damage. All these toys designed for kids under three years old are with shake equipment or can be shaken.

Children Hearing Function
Researchers from the American Visual Sense and Auditory Sense Association, one non-profit organization, and University of Minnesota, have tested the sound of all kinds of toys in the toys shopping mall. They would do the same thing each year and this year is the twelfth year. On the list of noise toys ranking, Iron Man Mobile Headquarters Vehicle, made by Jada Toys, is on the first position, the noise decibel sent out by it is as higher as 119.5 dB. In other words, it would injure kids’ hearing function in less than eight seconds. Learning Letters Mailbox, made by Fisher Price, are specially designed for kids between six months and 26 months, however, this kind of toys also make too loud noise, which is up to 113.9 dB. What you have to pay more attention is the books with music because it has reached up to 112.1 dB. All these toys on the list have too loud noise and could injure children’s hearing function in less than one minute.

Dr. Chris Hilton, the researcher from ear-nose-throat department in University of Minnesota has tested these toys and said that in a very close distance, playing with these toys for a long time would hurt people’s inner ears. In fact, the noise above 85 dB would have permanent damage to your ears. The louder the noise, the shorter time that resulting in hearing loss. For example, when hearing the sound with 85 dB, your hearing function would be damaged forever in eight hour while the hair cells would begin to get harm if you listen to sound with 100 dB for just 15 minute.

Because the arms of kids are too short so that toys with higher noise have more serious influence on their hearing function. Up to 2004, the U.S government had launched the regulations on toys’ sound. In March 2004, the American Society for Testing and Materials had adopted and amended the phonics standard, which is self-regulation in toys industry and obeyed voluntarily.

Different with asphyxia or other harm, it is difficult to estimate the hearing level on hearing function because it is difficult to determine the direct cause.

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