6 Causes A Person Overeat

Seeing favorite dishes presented in front of the eyes. Can increase appetite and want to spend on food. The program will be successful diet oblivion. If you often do, it is not possible weight increased sharply.

Causes of overeating caused by many things. Generally, because they do not stand the temptation of the delicious food. This is another cause which may increase your weight rapidly.

1. Friend

When going to a restaurant with friends, you will usually be easily tempted with food ordered friends. For example, your friend ordered fried and tasted it. Of course, the plan to limit food will fail.

As such it should adhere to the diet plan. Choose healthy menu such as vegetable and fruit juices are low in calories.

2. Cutlery
Size tableware also trigger overeating. As large luxury dish. Use the plate rather small and simple so you will be less put food into the dish.

3. Fatigue
Fatigue also resulted in increased appetite. Make sure you get enough sleep during the night at least 6-8 hours. If you feel tired at work should rest first and enjoy healthy snacks such as fruit, juice or pudding.

4. Eating Too Fast
Do you always eat the food less than 10 minutes? This will cause the risk of overeating. Eat slowly and chew while enjoying it correctly, it will help you feel full longer.

5. Eating While Watching TV
Eliminate boredom at home can be done by watching TV company
savory snack. But without knowing you will spend the entire snack, even if placed in jars.
Experts say there are millions of people who overeat out of boredom. But avoid this by doing something more profitable, like exercise.

6. Dehydration
When you get dehydrated, the body loses fluid. Times like this you tend to overeat. Start the habit of drinking a glass of water before a meal and a glass of water after waking up. The remaining 6 cups can be drunk while doing other activities.
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