Diets That Fail, Can Make A Woman Traumatized

Fat is not healthy and could be a risk factor for many deadly diseases. But diet desperately that tend not rational nor better because if it fails can cause psychological trauma, especially in women.

A study showed that psychological trauma experienced by 90 percent of obese women who had failed in its diet program. The women became more blame on obesity bears.

The study was conducted on 501 women aged between 35 and 55 years who are severely obese. A total of 334 people have been on a diet for 3 months and the majority or about 62 percent of back fat despite losing weight.

Of the many participants who have failed diet programs, 39 per cent felt that the diet program is being undertaken only made him feel more guilty. Not blaming its failures, but rather lamenting why obese in the first place.

People who fail in their diets diet should be blamed, not himself. Relief long term will be very essential to enable them to change their habits.

Failure in the diet can lead to big problems are interrelated. The more people that feel guilty, the heavier the load the bear in the diet and the results are certainly worse.

In theory, losing weight is not enough just to manage your diet. Regular exercise is also important, because in addition to keep in shape as well to balance your caloric intake with energy from burning fat or carbohydrates.
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