Plus Minus Of Diet Program

Lose excess weight with a healthy diet is beneficial for the body. However, these benefits may backfire if the diet is too extreme.

Diet is basically set up a healthy diet, but many are misrepresented to reduce portions or meals. There's even an insanely strict diet to lose weight. Because the perception is wrong, the diet also has positive and negative sides.

These plus and minus can be obtained from the diet:

Plus 1: Weight loss and attractive appearance

When done properly and balanced with exercise, weight loss by regulating a healthy diet is an effective way to get an ideal and attractive appearance.

How can the reduced portions of carbohydrates, fats and salt, and increase the fiber from vegetables and fruits.

Plus 2: The body is healthier and fitter

In addition to having an ideal weight, healthy diet can also make you healthier and fitter. People with ideal body weight tended to be more active and can do many things because the body feels lighter.

Plus 3: Far from the disease

Most importantly, a healthy diet can keep the body from all sorts of diseases, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high fat levels, diabetes, all of which can be fatal and deadly.

Minus 1: A strict diet could make difficult to have children

Diets that are too tight can affect the intake of nutrients that the body is not getting enough nutrients. One sign of impaired fertility in a woman is when her periods irregular or stop.

Another thing to note is the effect of disruption of fertility can occur for life. About 20 percent of women who have a very thin body no longer menstruate despite her weight is back to normal.

Minus 2: Diet too far to make the body vulnerable to disease

A strict diet can lead to malnutrition because they do not get the carbohydrates, calcium, protein and other nutrients. This in turn can lead to a weakened immune system. This condition also causes problems such as gallstones, hair loss, ulcers, typhoid and other health problems. The most severe, strict diet can also make you anorexic.

Minus 3: make a strict diet of premature aging

A strict diet can cause adverse effects on the skin, the aging self. You tend to get old and will see the signs of wrinkles, skin sagging and fine lines.

This happens because of the extreme diet so your body will not get the necessary nutrients. With you to eat all of a sudden, the body loses essential minerals, protein and vitamins needed by the skin.
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