Lack Of Sleep Causes Diets Failed

It desperately disciplined diet and exercise schedule runs, sometimes the results are not as expected. If you begin to feel hopeless, try to check sleep patterns. Useless diet and exercise, if you do not sleep soundly still be fat too.
The importance of sleep is sufficient to support the program again demonstrated in a recent study published in CMAJ (Canadian Medical Association Journal). Lack of sleep or poor-quality sleep is one of the factors that make weight loss difficult to get off. The solution to weight loss is not as simple as eating less, more active, and more sleep. Is no less important factor is sufficient and quality sleep. Because the lack of sleep increases the production of hormones proven and stimulus to eat more so that the effects of diet and exercise so in vain. However, the collection of evidence suggests that sleep should not be overlooked when prescribing weight-loss programs in obese patients. Adequate sleep should be included as part of the lifestyle, which is usually too focused on diet and exercise. Still, not all experts agree that sleep deprivation is the direct cause of the failure of weight loss program. According to some experts, the lack of sleep is the effect of stress, while changes in the metabolic system is more related to the stress itself. The relationship between lack of sleep and obesity was ridiculous. What we see today is actually stress, which then came to the symptoms of sleep deprivation. So it's just a symptom, not the real problem.
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