Whiten the Face with Tomatoes

Whiten the Face with Tomatoes - Many women are willing to do things to make it look more beautiful, ranging from using natural means or by using dangerous cosmetics. Actually there is a natural way of cheap and relatively harmless to make skin whiter flushed by using tomatoes. Whiten the face with tomatoes very safe and natural.
Whiten the Face with Tomatoes
Whiten the Face with Tomatoes
 Whiten the Face with Tomatoes

Whiten the Face with Tomatoes and Milk

Did you know that the combination of milk and tomatoes a dual role as a facial cleanser. The content in milk in the form of lactic acid and fruity acid (fruit acid) contained in tomatoes believed to benefit to exfoliate gently on the skin.
Whiten the Face with Tomatoes Mask
Whiten the Face with Tomatoes Mask
 Whiten the Face with Tomatoes Mask

Recipe of Whiten the Face with Tomatoes

Ingredients needed:
1 medium ripe tomato;
250 ml of liquid milk; sufficient water

How to make:
Puree tomatoes in a blender with a little water added.

Strain the tomato juice to separate the waste.
Enter the tomatoes into milk and stir until blended.
After wrapping refrigerate.
How to use:
Spread the herb milk and tomato to the face using cotton.
Let stand for about 15 minutes, and then wash using cold water.

You can use this mixture two times a day or as needed. Keep in mind that because it is made from fresh natural ingredients (especially milk), this herb can not last long. Before use makes sure the smell does not smell sour (like milk was stale). Most likely these ingredients only last for 1-2 weeks.
Whiten the Face
Whiten the Face
 Whiten the Face
Then there are some people who may not be appropriate to use this herb, namely people who have sensitive skin and who have problems with acne. This is because the high content of vitamin C in tomatoes causing stinging face when using it. It is easy and safe get maximum beauties whiten the face with tomatoes.
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