Benefits of Carrots

Benefits of Carrots for Health

carrot for eyes
carrot for eyes
 Health benefits carrot for eyes
Benefits of Carrots - Carrots including popular vegetables that contain lots of nutrients. It is recommended to choose the carrot that looks good, his condition immediately and bright orange color. Carrots that are too large have a somewhat sharp flavor and slightly bitter. Benefits of carrots are very beneficial for our health.

Besides it feels good, fresh carrots also have nutritional value quite well. Benefits of carrots are the main source of carotenoids and beta carotene. In the liver, carotene turns into vitamin A when the body lacks vitamin A. Benefits of vitamin A in carrots is very high so helpful for vision, prevention of night blindness, promotes wound healing and skin repair. Vitamin A also helps the liver to eliminate toxins (toxins) in the body. Meanwhile, the benefits of beta-carotene in carrots boost the immune system so that it can prevent disease, improve health, and prevent aging.

Benefits of Carrots are also enriched cells and tissues and helps protect against cancer. In addition, carrots are also stimulating cleansing reactions that can decrease fat, get rid of fat quickly and easily. Nutritional content of carrots is 27 mg calcium, 0.5 iron, 34 mg sodium 26 mg potassium fosfor246 mg, 6 mg vitamin C, 7.93 IU vitamin A, vitamin B complex and numerous. Mineral content contained in carrots is potassium. This mineral keeps water balance in the body and helps lower blood pressure and help neutralize the acid in the blood.

5 Benefits of Carrots for Health

1. Address skin disorders
2. Helping digestion
3. Boost the immune system
4. Antioxidant and anticancer
5. Lowering cholesterol levels
fresh carrot
fresh carrot
 Fresh Carrot
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