Go Green, for the Right Reason

Sometime in the 1970's, scientists started getting worried about a trend that began around 1940 and was building momentum. Although those in power don't want you to know or remember, this trend was known as global cooling. They erroneously decided that once a trend always a trend, and in a few years we would all freeze to death in the next ice age. The culprit, greenhouse gases. Yes, the same gases that we blame for holding heat in were blamed for not letting it in in the first place. But then, to their delight, the earth began warming at the end of the 1970's.

go greenOf course we can see the results of what global warming so called has brought to us. Billions a year in tax dollars, pressure from developed countries to keep oil out of developing countries so that they cannot progress economically, and of course the ever increasing wealth of global warming proponents like Al Gore who produce hundreds of times more carbon gases than anyone else. And don't forget the marginalizing and career destruction of those real scientists that recognize that the earth has experience warm and cold cycles for many millenia.

Out of all this trash dressed as science and turned into politics, very little good came. Nonetheless, green products, as they are called indirectly resulted as a benefit to humanity disguised as a benefit to to mother earth. These products, meant to replace traditional soaps, detergents, and cleaning products, are composed of natural chemicals that still get the job done, but without the chemicals that theoretically damage the water supply, furry little bunnies, and of course the spotted owl.

The good part though, is that they don't hurt people. Most of us have experienced trying to clean the shower door, which of course has to be closed, and gotten lungs full of lysol, ammonia, or glass cleaner. You just can feel that it is bad for you.

These green cleaning products cost a little bit more, but they are so much better for us. Traditional chemicals, when inhaled, cause much the same damage to your cells as they might to germs. They rip them apart chemically, or at the very least cause damage. Just imagine being a germ and having an ocean of lysol landing on you. That's what is happening to your cells every time you clean your windows or your tile floor. What's worse is some of these cells, namely brain cells, don't regenerate. Once they're gone, they're gone. Others may be damaged and add to number of rogue cells in your body known as cancer cells. They might not be the cause of cancer, but traditional cleaners may tip the scales in favor of cancer.

Mother earth doesn't need your help, human production of greenhouse gases is like a bathtub to a whale to her, but you can save yourself loss of health by going green.

Article by : Paul Claybrook

Article Source : Go Green, for the Right Reason
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