Six Habits For 60 Seconds A Day To Extend Your Life

Six Habits for 60 Seconds a Day to Extend Your Life

Up per hour at least

The Journal of the American Heart Association a recent study found that, working the crowd, sitting every day for more than four hours of people sitting with those less than two hours compared to people who are risk of death for various reasons higher than 50%.

Dear recommended at least every hour you should walk a minute. Every day you add up all the steps to 10,000 steps towards development.

Eat an egg a day

This nutrient-rich material on the body any harm: an egg can provide you with 13% of daily protein requirements, but only has 4% of daily caloric needs. In addition, it contains a substantial dose of lutein, is to help protect the eyes from macular degeneration antioxidants and UV damage. Or even an egg a day can help you prevent Alzheimer's disease. Egg yolk is an important source of choline, a nutrient to reduce brain inflammation.

Intake of chromium

Studies have shown that trace elements can increase the sensitivity of cells to insulin to help maintain blood sugar levels, against the attacks of type diabetes.

Do not forget to protect your teeth

If left unchecked, the teeth in those hidden bacteria infect your gums, into your bloodstream, and then cause inflammation in blood vessels, the formation of plaque in the vessel wall. Recent research has also linked gum disease and other problems together, from the respiratory tract infection to nerve degeneration.

Check your pulse by yourself

Before you get up in the morning, with the index finger and middle finger hold the inside of your wrist, thumb on the following, with 30 seconds to record the frequency of the pulse. Then multiplied by 2. A 2010 study found that 60 times per minute with a normal heart rate compared to 90 times or more, women will die of heart disease tripled.

If your heart rate is too high, then consider adding more to the diet of omega-3 fatty acids.

Do self-massage. The pressure will damage any organ in your body.

Want to get quick relief, suppress your thumb on both sides of the nose, brow below, and then let your index finger and middle finger step by step to reach the forehead, the last coming Rouan your bones. Massage can quickly test the cable and reduce the level of adrenaline, and also provide the pleasure hormone endorphin levels surge.

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