Skin Care: Protecting Your Largest Organ

Too often, people see skin care as something of a luxury, rather than a necessity. This is largely due to the endless products of little worth, sold for an exorbitant cost that has little to no basis in anything other than marketing. But taking care of the largest and most exposed organ in the body is very important. That doesn't necessarily mean you need to schedule a spa date or stock up on the latest moisturizers and creams, but it does mean you should start taking steps to protect yourself. Here are some of the ways you can start doing so.

Sun Protection
Sun protection has been trumpeted by enough dermatologists and general health care experts that the public has begun getting the message. That doesn't necessarily mean that it has shown people the error of sitting in a tanning bed, but most people are at least aware of the dangers. At the risk of repeating a well worn message, the dangers are very real. Sun exposure is not just the biggest contributor to melanoma, but it also contributes strongly to wrinkles, spots, and a variety of other issues. By using sunscreen, staying in the shade as often as possible, and wearing protective clothing, you can minimize the damage.

It seems there are few health related issues that are not related back to smoking in one way or another. By now, it should be obvious that smoking cigarettes is one of the worst things you can do for your health. If you're ready to get serious about skin care, one of your first steps should be to find a way to put down the cigs. Smoking has a restrictive effect on your blood vessels. It is well documented what kind of effect this restriction has on the blood flow to the epidermis. It reduces the collagen in the dermal layers and tends to increase wrinkles.

Gentle Treatment
There is a certain school of thought-often among men-that bathing and other activities should be done roughly. This is far from the case. Use gentle treatment and it will improve your skin care routine. This means limiting the time spent in the shower and using water that tends towards "warm", rather than hot. It also means using milder soaps that won't strip your natural oils. Although you tend to get a better shave when you go against the grain, you're doing damage when you use the razor in this way. Instead, use a sharper blade, better shaving lotion, and go with the grain.

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By : Anders Abadie
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