Grapes Nutrition

Grapes Nutrition - Grapes fruit nutrition those are beneficial to health. Grapes nutrition are natural vitamins for natural medicine many diseases. In addition, nutrients in grapes also contain vitamin C levels. Nutrition Fruit wine has many health benefits because it contains antioxidants and high fiber so it can be a source of energy is refreshing and efficacious to prevent premature aging.
Grapes Nutrition Facts
Grapes Nutrition Facts

Grapes Nutrition Facts

Grapes contain potassium and calcium which are responsible for efficient transmission of nerve impulses; the grapes nutritional value says it all.
Also, phosphorus which is an integral part of nucleic acids like DNA, RNA and magnesium important for muscle contractions is present as well.
As evident from the grapes nutrition chart, vitamins are an important part of grapes. They help maintain optimum cellular metabolism and functions.

Red Grapes Nutrition

Red Grapes Nutrition Conclude Are:
Energy - 100 gm of red grapes provides approximately 69 kcal of energy.
Carbohydrate - About 18 gm carbohydrates is present in 100 gm of red grapes.
Protein - The amount of protein in 100 gm red grapes accounts to about 0.72 gm.
Fat - Red grapes contain negligible amounts of fats - only 0.16 gm total fats in 100 gm of red grapes.
Dietary Fiber - Total amount of dietary fiber in 100 gm red grapes is 0.9 gm.
Vitamins - The vitamin content in 100 g red grapes is 5.6 g chlorine, 2 mcg niacin, 0.086 mg pyridoxine, 10.8 gm vitamin C, 10.8 mg vitamin E and 14.6 mcg vitamin K.
Potassium - The amount of potassium in 100 gm of red grapes is approximately 191 mg.
Minerals - In 100 gm of red grapes, the mineral content is 10 mg calcium, 7 mg magnesium, 0.36 mg iron and 0.127 mg copper.
Carotene - Red grapes also contain high amounts of beta carotene, about 39 mcg in 100 gm grapes.

Green Grapes Nutrition

A single serving of green seedless grapes consists of 1 cup, or approximately 151 g of the fruit. A single serving green grapes contains 104 calories and 0.2 g of fat, which includes small amounts of the essential fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6. There are 27 g of carbohydrates in a single serving, including 1 g of fiber. It also contains 1 g of protein. The sodium content in green seedless grapes is 3 mg per serving. There are 122 g of water in a cup of grapes.
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