Difficult For Obese People To Lose Weight

The strongest desire of people suffering from obesity is to lose weight. But unfortunately most of them have always failed. It turned out an important cell has been discovered which plays an important role in weight loss.
A study in Dublin, Ireland have discovered immune cell invariant Natural Killer T (iNKT) helps to regulate body weight and metabolism. However, iNKT cells will be lost if people are obese. That's why people who are obese is difficult to lose weight

Obviously if finally lost weight cells will be replenished. Having conducted an operation in the group of patients who are obese, iNKT cell recharge. So basically there only iNKT cells to maintain weight loss, weight gain time, they lost.

Lucky, the team also found lipid called alpha-galactosylceramide (AGC) which helps the metabolism, weight loss, and liver disease. However, diet and exercise may be the best way.

When studying a group of mice, the researchers found by maintaining a normal diet, the mice were obese can lose weight by recharging the immune cells that fight obesity.

Same with human subjects in the first time to learn, iNKT cells in the animals disappear when they become obese.

When you take this diet and incorporate a standard fat diet, they lose weight, and increased iNKT cells. It is not easy but it may be done
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