Less Sweet Foods To Avoid Alzheimer's

Unhealthy diet as fond of sweets and processed foods have been shown to increase the risk of type 2 diabetes. But recent research suggests that it is also at risk for Alzheimer's disease or diabetes are often mentioned type 3.
The body's cells need glucose from food for energy. The hormone insulin produced in the pancreas to help the body's cells take up glucose from the blood stream, where the cells then process it into energy.If there is excess glucose in the bloodstream from eating too much sweet food, the pancreas produces more insulin so that insulin resistance in the cells of the body can be increased.  
If the cells in the brain also becomes resistant to insulin, the brain does not get enough energy and his condition could worsen. Brain cells are starved of energy can lead to memory loss and confusion are symptoms of Alzheimer's disease.But it's never too late to protect the brain from Alzheimer threat. We are recommends the following precautions:

1. Keep your body weight to remain stable

If you weigh and measure waist circumference regularly, you'll know if your weight has increased or not. So you can prevent obesity early on. Obesity is also linked to insulin resistance.

2. Eat less meat

With a diet of plant-based foods, such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and reducing the consumption of meat can make the body more healthy and avoid obesity.

3. Reduce consumption of sugar 

Sugar has been linked to diabetes type 2 and 3, so you need to eat less everyday. Avoid eating packaged foods often contain artificial sweeteners.

4. Cooking meals at home 

By cooking your own meals, you can assure yourself the materials you use are the best and healthier.

5. Avoid nitrate

Research shows that there is a link between Alzheimer's with the consumption of foods containing nitrosamines. Protect yourself by avoiding processed foods that contain nitrates on the label. Processed foods include cheese, hot dogs, beef, and bacon.
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