Black Nuts Superfood Antioxidant Sources

Black Nuts Superfood Antioxidant Sources | Nuts are generally brown to beige, but the nut has a unique color, which is black. It looked like soy, but in black. As with any crop other nuts, black beans are high in protein. excess of black beans is to have higher levels of antioxidants.
Black Nuts Superfood
Antioxidant content is derived from anthocyanin pigments that make up the black beans. According to researchers, the darker the black bean antioxidants will also be higher. This is what makes black beans are very good for health. Effective Antioxidants fight free radicals that cause various diseases, from heart disease, cancer until premature aging of the skin.

Another advantage of the black beans are: molybdenum are very abundant in the black beans. Molybdenum is a mineral that plays an important role in the decomposition and detoxification sulfite contained in the food.

Nuts are relatively safe for diabetics as compared to other nuts, because the black beans have a glycemic index (GI) is low. GI levels can make blood sugar levels soar so be wary. Black beans can be consumed like other nuts. Processed as a variety of snacks, until the subject of cake and soup, black beans provide a delicious taste. But it must be kept in mind to not eat excessively.
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