Weight Loss Suddenly, Aware Of This Disease

For people who have problems with the number on the scale, weight loss may be a boon. But the weight loss would have to be accompanied by a healthy diet and exercise. If the decline suddenly and for no reason, you need to be aware of some diseases.

Some of the diseases to be aware when losing weight suddenly:

1. Endocrine disorders

The most common cause of sudden weight loss is an endocrine disorder. Endocrine regulate body functions. When work is interrupted, the body will burn more calories, causing the thyroid gland to work excessively which in turn keeps your metabolism up and your body can not absorb all the nutrients it needs.

2. Disorders of heart, lung and kidney

Disorders of the heart and lungs is an important cause of sudden weight loss. This condition causes a lack of energy sources for the body to function properly. Furthermore, can cause nausea, vomiting and lack of protein. All this in turn can lead to weight loss.

3. Infection

Infection internal (inside the body) can not be seen, and most do not even realize. The infection is caused by a fungus example, an aggressive immune system, which led to the burning of more calories. Most infections occur in the digestive system.

4. Cancer

One of the first symptoms of cancer is sudden weight loss. Tumor (benign) and cancerous (malignant) of the body to absorb nutrients to grow, will also be used as energy. Because the consumption of nutrients by the tumor began to increase, the body starts to lose weight.

If you experience sudden weight loss, then the best solution is to consult immediately and see a doctor or hospital.
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