Breatharian Diet, Extreme Diet With Sun

Some kind of diet is usually done by reducing the portion of food or only eat certain foods such as vegetables or fruit. But unlike Breatharian diet. Without food and water, Breatharian dieters only need exposure to sunlight.

Breatharian diet based on the principle inedia, who claimed that the food and water are not required to sustain life and that the human body can live well only with air, sunlight and prana (life force) alone.

In the United States, Breatharian Institute of America has promoted the concept of Breatharian diet for several years, focusing on spiritual concepts inedia or fasting.

But in practice, there are a lot of controversy. In the 90s, there is a follower of Europeans who died while trying to obey the rules of diet. Most of them are due to dehydration dam exacerbated by the lack of food intake.

Without eating the Breatharian how to live?

Most of the Breatharian claimed that there was no food at all necessary to stay alive. Many believe just water or herbal tea combined with exposure to sunlight, enough to keep them alive.

However, most people who claim to be living in a way Breatharian reluctant to be examined by a doctor or do testing to prove that they are completely healthy.


If you do only one or two days, this diet method can be a good way to relieve stress. It can also help rid the body of toxins.


There is no medical evidence to support the idea that everyone can live more than a few days without food or water. Most people who openly claim to be Breatharian have died or failed to prove their claims.
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