5 Malignant Effects Of Diabetes.

Diabetes is often called the silent killer or the silent disease that can be deadly. If not controlled, 'raging' diabetes can affect other medical conditions and lead to deadly complications.

Complications can occur if the patient did not take diabetes medication regularly or pass a medical examination. People with diabetes need to improve the lifestyle and dietary habits to prevent complications and cause other health problems.

Here are five of the dire effects of diseases,among :

1. Effects of diabetes on the metabolism of fat and Diabetic Ketoacidosis caused

If the hormone insulin to break down glucose is reduced, the body can use fat as a fuel source if the condition was severe.

While this may be good because people can lose some fat and weight loss, but this can result in byproducts from the digestion of fat called 'ketones'.

When people with diabetes not taking insulin doses regularly and have a fever, diarrhea, vomiting or too stressful, people can develop a condition called ketoacidosis.

The condition is characterized by symptoms such as pain, panting, breathing in the acute abdomen, dehydration is bad and causes weakness, fainting and vomiting.

Do not underestimate the effects of diabetes if you have indicated this condition and this condition is to consult a doctor.

2. Effects of diabetes on the eye caused Diabetic Retinopathy

Retina, the innermost layer of the eye is also affected if blood glucose control is not effective. Small blood vessels in the retina can be weakened and damaged by these conditions.

The initial symptoms of diabetes-related eye problem is the blurring of vision and double vision. It can also cause severe visual impairment and permanent. Diabetes can also increase the risk of cataracts and glaucoma.

3. Effects of diabetes on the kidney caused Diabetic Nephropathy

The kidney is an organ that can be affected by blood sugar levels due to uncontrolled diabetes. If people with diabetes also have hypertension, this would further exacerbate the condition of her kidneys.

4. Effects of diabetes on the nerve caused numbness makes Diabetic Gangrene

Some of the nerves, especially around the legs is probably the first affected by diabetes and causes loss of sensation.

This condition is called diabetic gangrene, which is an infection that causes leg meat spoilage if the condition is severe and may require amputation.

Uncontrolled diabetes can also affect the nerves that control heart rate, blood pressure, digestion, blood flow to organs and cause diarrhea, erectile dysfunction, loss of bladder control, vision changes, and dizziness.

5. Effects of diabetes can be caused heart disease and stroke

People with diabetes who have high blood pressure, overweight and has a habit of smoking, have a greater risk of heart disease and stroke.
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