Types of Star Fruit

Two Types of Star Fruit

Sweet Star Fruit
Sweet Star Fruit

Sour Star Fruit
 Sour Star Fruit
Type of Star Fruit - In the worldthere are two types of star fruit, sweet star fruit and sour star fruit. Both of these types of star fruit have differentshapes and flavors. But both are still ina clump of types of star fruit.

A different type of star fruit that is the first leather-backis sour star fruit is often used as afood supplement. Generally,the preferred sweetstar fruit, attractive color, finely fibrous, and has a refreshingsweet taste. Types of Star fruit that can be classified as lower levels of "bad" cholesterol in the body.

Both types of star fruit are capable of preventing the onset of hepatitis. The fruit is a source of vitamins, especially vitamin Aand C, as antioxidants and powerfulin the fight against free radicals. The fruit is also able to help prevent the spread of cancer cells, increase endurance and preventcanker sores.

Besides these twokinds of star fruit also has good fiber content so that it can improve digestion, and contain high levels of potassium, and sodium lowas hypertension medication. Types of star fruit caretaker position compared to other fruits because ofthe low calorie suitablefor fruit enthusiastswho are overweight.
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