5 This Foods Apparently Makes Fat

Every person, especially a woman would want a lean and healthy body. In addition to a healthy diet, healthy diet of vegetables, fruit is required to become the daily menu. But should you have to consider several things, because not all foods are considered healthy for the body to make it stretchy and fat.

Cereal and skim milk may be included in your diet. You should begin to reduce food intake and try to eliminate from your diet. Due to popular healthy food is actually quite high in fat, sugar and salt. So as a note following the consumption of food with reasonable and not excessive, so the diet program you will succeed. Here is the food in question

1. Honey
Although it is said to contain natural sugar, honey, high glucose was due to simple solids. The number of calories per spoon of sugar is higher. If you eat them too often can quickly raise the weight.

2. Salad Dressing
Scientists at Iowa State University, the U.S. has found that the salad dressing was not low fat. Olive oil and butter sauce that is used to actually be able to absorb nutrients the body absorbs nutrients, especially vegetables.

3. Cereals
Eating cereal for breakfast can indeed slimming. But some cereals actually save a lot of sugar and fat, you should avoid chocolate cereal variants.

4. Skimmed Milk
Less fat content makes a lot of people are not afraid to eat them. Actually, skim milk does not contain enough nutrients such as vitamins A, D, E and K. One study found that high-fat milk can increase your metabolism to burn calories.

5. Vegetable
Fresh fruits and vegetables are foods that can increase your appetite. In addition the portions are also more numerous and certainly can increase the weight. Should avoid vegetables are also packed in cans, because they contain more calories and less fiber.
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