5 Foods That Prevent Bad Breath


Stop bad breath

Stopping bad breath is important especially if you know the cause of this condition. It can either be a hygiene problem or gastrointestinal problem. Either way, there are secret foods that can stop bad breath. These are the foods that you should eat to stop foul-smelling breath.

1. Herbs - it is a common knowledge that parsley is an herb that helps stop bad breath. Studies discovered that rosemary, coriander, spearmint, eucalyptus, cardamom, and tarragon are all herbs that stop halitosis. Eating this herbs fresh is a good way to stop bad breath or halitosis. You can also make a tea out of these herbs and is very good to your digestion also.

2. Yogurt - never underestimate the halitosis-fighting properties of yogurt. Studies show that the cause of odor in the mouth is a substance known as hydrogen sulfide. Yogurt reduces the amount of hydrogen sulfide in the mouth making it bad breath free. It is important that you use yogurts with active live culture inside and is rich in vitamin D. This vitamin hinders the growth of bacteria in the mouth making it smell more pleasant.

3. Fiber rich fruits and vegetables - thanks to modern food science, stopping bad breath is as easy as eating an apple. You heard me right, eating an apple helps stop foul-smelling breath. Fiber rich vegetables like carrots and celery are also good in fighting halitosis. This fruits and vegetables increase the amount of saliva in the mouth and therefore create a rinsing effect inside the mouth. It is also good for your gastrointestinal health. Studies also show that eating an apple is just like brushing your teeth because of its high fiber content.

4. Masking the odor - these are proven techniques to stop bad breath. There are many kinds of gums and mints that are available to help you mask the odor at least temporarily. These also increase the saliva production in the mouth helping you stop foul-smelling breath right in its source. Be sure to use sugarless gums because sugar is the food of bacteria and will only make halitosis worse. Mints are also best for odor-masking. It can freshen your breath but not for a long period of time. It still does not replace brushing your teeth every after a meal.

5. Vitamin C rich fruits - Citrus fruits are often rich in vitamin C. This makes the environment in the mouth not bacteria-friendly. The vitamin C must be derived from fresh fruits and vegetables and not from supplements that can lead to gastrointestinal problems in some cases. Vitamin C is also good in preventing gingivitis, which is one of the causes of halitosis.

Overall, stopping bad breath is easy of you eat these secret foods. Natural is always the best especially when it comes to having a healthy body. Eating a balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals accompanied with regular exercise will surely make your life more enjoyable and productive. Always have a regular check-up with your doctor at least once a month to monitor your overall well being.

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