Causes Diet Fails

Diet FailsYou have ever feels has struggled firm to do diet but body weight do not go down?

You aren't yourself because many others also experience the same thing. This thing is caused cause of mistake that is often unconsciously in implementing diet.

As a result, body weight exactly stays in position of stagnant and it is not rarely would easier to experience increase of body weight.

Following is mistake in diet that is often is done:

1. Lessens number of eating, non portion eats

This thing often done by the diet perpetrator, is by passing one of hour clock to eat like breakfast or dinner. Though important breakfast as main energy to do activity all day long and avoids consumption of abundant sugar or fat in when peckish.

Moreover, eats regularly (3 times one day) will increase metabolism of assisting body loses weight body because combustion process of easier fat and calorie. This thing is inversely proportional when body in a state of peckish, where metabolism naturally will go down.

2. Diet limiting to consume one group of certain food

Diet suggesting not to eat carbohydrate or fat at all, and only consumes just fruit and vegetable not good to health, because requirement of vitamin body would mineral and will not be full filled, especially for adolescent age. Body still requiring consumption well-balanced calorie and nutrition to takes care of health. Selects low food of fat than not eats fat at all.

3. Consumption of too Low calorie

For woman, body requires around 2000 calories every day its, while men requires around 2500 calories. If entering calorie limited to be finites around 1000 calories or even less, exactly it will cause the low of metabolism of body and experiences anemia.

4. Does not sporting

Though sport can increase metabolism of body assisting combustion process of fat and calorie, body weight also would be quicker gone down.

5. Consumption of Salad

Consumes salad of course good, but we are innuendo in view of mayonnaise accompanying salad also contains fat that is enough is height.

6. Doesn't drink milk

Consumes milk every day remain to is required, especially low milk of fat is having calcium height because can strengthen bone and complements nutrition of body.

7. Body weight downwards drastic

Be better if body weight is going down at the most 1-2 kg within a week because can generate complicate other health, like liver and kidney, forced to strive harder to replace glucose reserve in blood. This thing also can bother your health.
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