Combination Of Protein And Fiber To Lose Weight

One way to reduce weight quickly is with a combination of fiber and protein at meals and snack time. Both of these nutrients requires more time and energy to digest the body, making the stomach feel full and improve metabolism. Learn the proper way of doing food combining is that you get maximum benefit from weight loss process.

Benefits of Fiber
Fiber is the part of plant foods such as vegetables, beans, fruits and whole grains are difficult to digest the body. The presence of fiber in the body to function clean the intestines and colon, smooth bowel movements and prevent constipation and swelling that makes the body feel heavy.

Consumption of foods high in fiber are also often associated with weight loss and fat. Why high-fiber foods generally take longer to chew, so make portions seem larger and usually low in calories. You are recommended to consume at least 25 grams of fiber per day. In addition to helping lose weight, eating enough fiber can lower cholesterol and prevent colon cancer.

Benefits of Protein
Why protein could help the process of weight loss? Because it takes a long time until he gets to the digestive system, so you feel full longer and the desire to eat were controlled. In addition, you have to drain your body more energy to digest protein, so that your metabolism has increased sharply when you eat.

Protein intake coupled with fiber, helps stabilize blood sugar levels, reduce appetite and to prevent decrease in energy-significant increase.

Benefits of Protein & Fiber

A study published in the 'Nutrition Journal' has compared the effectiveness of a diet high in protein and fiber with a combination of both in women with excess weight. The researchers found, body weight and body fat of participants who consumed at the same fiber and protein lost more than just consuming a lot of fiber or protein.

Best Source of Protein and Fiber
Not all ideal source of protein and fiber to your diet. Fatty meats such as ribs, sirloin and chicken thigh high in calories and high in saturated fat. Therefore, choose a healthy protein such as skinless chicken breast, eggs, beef tenderloin and fish are low in calories. Combine with 3-4 ounces of natural fiber such as brown rice, fresh vegetables or bread with 100 percent whole wheat.

Note portions, sufficient consumption of 1/2 or 1 cup whole wheat, or two slices of wheat bread to your calorie intake under control. For example, a fusion protein and fiber are ideal 1/2 cup brown rice, 1 cup steamed broccoli and grilled chicken breast 4 oz.

Make the same combination as clock snacking. For example, 2 eggs boiled chicken with an orange or a slice of whole wheat bread with 2 ounces of meat stuffing tuna fish tuna fish with the apples.

If you are not familiar enough fiber consumption, is likely to feel a little uncomfortable in the stomach, such as cramping and gas. This can happen if you eat too much fiber in the early diet.

Let's not give the intake of fiber as well as in large portions, but added on a regular basis. Try drinking more water when combining protein and fiber to help you lose weight more effectively. Water helps the fiber to move more smoothly through your digestive system and keep the kidneys functioning optimally.
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