9 Mistakes in Beauty Care

Beauty Care9 Mistakes in Beauty Care :

Sometimes, you feel all the beauty treatments done correctly. However, often there are some common mistakes women in beauty treatments. What are they?

1. The Monotony of Cutting Hair
Of course, maintaining a haircut models for many years was appropriate. Instead, make small changes to cut your hair to look fresher overall.

2. Lack of Sleep
Sleep is very important for the skin. During sleep, the enzymes work to repair damage, reduce toxins and distribute nutrients to the body’s cells.

3. Too avoid the fat
Lack of intake of the fat can cause the skin to become dry, scaly, and hair branching. You can eat vegetable fat to get beautiful skin without compromising the shape of the body.

4. Forget to Sports
Sports not only good for the body, but also makes the skin glow because of increased blood flow throughout the body, including skin.

5. Ignoring cosmetic hygiene
Brush or sponge powder will pile up dirty germ on the skin of the face and cause acne. Clean 2 weeks using warm water.

6. Incorrect use of cosmetics
Wearing expired cosmetics, takes cosmetic with a finger, or put back the remaining excess cosmetics can cause acne and skin irritation. So, remove all products that have changed color, texture and aroma. Try to touch the product with a cotton or cotton buds. Or pour a little into the palm of the hand, then applied to the face.

7. Sleep without cleaning make-up
Make up is not cleaned up can clog pores, cause acne, and irritation of the eyes. The skin needs time to update the cells. But because of clogged pores, this process becomes blocked, making the skin becomes dull.

8. Too long time bath with hot water
Looks like fun, but it can make the skin dry. Limit your shower time only for about 3 minutes with the water temperature is not too hot. Always use a moisturizer immediately after showering to prevent dry skin.

9. Spraying perfume on wrist
If you wear a watch or bracelet, the fragrance will blend with the aroma of your accessories. Instead, spray perfume on pulse points at the neck, because this area is warmer and will help spread the fragrance.
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