Treating Dry Skin After Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is never something anyone wants to go through but for many it is the difference between life and death. There are many side effects to this type of cancer treatment and dry skin is one of the most common. The dry skin is more associated with the medications that are used during the treatments rather than the chemotherapy itself. Coping with skin issues, however, is often much easier than coping with some of the other side effects such as hair loss.

Skin After Chemotherapy
Is Your Skin Dry?

If you did not pay much attention to your skin before you started your chemotherapy sessions then you may not know what to expect. There are some common signs that you can watch for that can alert you as soon as it becomes an issue:

· Skin Feels Tight

· You Start to Itch More

· The Skin Looks Scaly

· Your Skin Starts Peeling

· There is Cracking of the Skin

These symptoms go from the earliest signs to the final signs of drying skin. Once you notice your skin is becoming tighter, you should start taking measures to hydrate it. Once the skin gets to the cracking stage, there is more pain associated with the dry skin. You may even notice the big cracks are starting to bleed.

Treating the Dry Skin

If you notice any of the symptoms above your skin is in distress and needs to be rehydrated. The first thing you can do is drink more water. This is the first thing your oncologist will tell you, too. All of your cells need water to thrive, including skin cells. The medications and radiation from the treatments really dry out the body and is what causes the dry skin issues.

Here are some other tips to keeping your skin well hydrated:

· Avoid bathing or showing in very hot water.

· Do not linger while showering or bathing.

· Use soothing scent free-soap.

· Moisturize with body butter directly after your shower and reapply liberally.

· Use a SPF 30 or higher sunblock any time you go outside.

· Products with ammonium lactate help with severe dry skin.

· Do not rub skin dry; pat it with a soft, absorbent towel instead.

Dry skin is a common side effect from chemotherapy. While it is uncomfortable, it can be painful if the above tips are not followed. Peeling and cracking skin can cause scarring if the cracks get too deep under the epidermal layer. The main tip to remember is to keep your skin moisturized from the inside and out.

Article by : Lisa A Mason

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