Eggs as a Source of Nutrients

Eggs as a source of nutrients | One large egg contains 6:25 grams protein, 75 calories and 13 essential vitamins, also contain minerals. Most of the proteins present in egg white, while vitamins, minerals and fat contain in carotenoids or yellow pigments that exist in the yolk. In addition, egg yolks also contain cholesterol.
Eggs as a source of nutrients

Enjoy eggs as a source of nutrients

1. Enjoy a fried egg, omelette or frittata [Italian omelet with vegetables and diced meat]

2. Mix the eggs with the mixture from the food guide pyramid [Food Guide Pyramid], to make wide variety of foods.

3. Combine the eggs with the remaining vegetables, pasta or chicken in order food to be more creative and easy, inexpensive and full of nutrients

Eliminate the Risk of Food-Bourne Illness.

Foodborne is a disease that occurs due to consumption of contaminated food or drink. In Agrinews Online website, Foodborne disease is caused by various microorganisms or microbial pathogens that contaminate food, so there are a variety of foodborne infectious disease.

In addition, poisonous chemicals, or other hazardous substances can cause foodborne diseases if these substances contained in the food. Foods derived both from animals and plants can act as carriers of microorganisms that cause disease in humans.

How to Prevent food Bourne when eat eggs

  1. Wash hands before and after holding a raw egg
  2. Separate raw eggs from other food, especially of foods that do not need to be cooked, Store eggs in the carton in the coldest place in the fridge
  3. Cook the eggs and serve immediately.
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