Various Fruit as Eye Therapy

Various Fruit as Eye Therapy

Eye TherapyA lot of expert tells that health of eye can be taken care of with consuming carrot. Content betakaroten at carrot can be converted to become vitellarium in body. Vitamin A hardly is essential to look after health of eye network. Betakaroten is including antioxidant, and we can exploit it through everyday dish with ascorbic acid and E. There are some solvable specific problems through this therapy.

1. Night Blindness

This type disease is caused by us lacking of vitamin A. We need to consume 2-3 fruit of carrot one day which still be fresh or cooked just to assist this problem.

2. Blepharitis

Be marking lacking of vitamin B2. Suggested consumes supplement of vitamin B complex, multifarious of flesh, bean, bulk, vegetable and zinc for immunity system.

3. Conjuntivitis

This disease is because of infection or allergy yielding color red-eyed and felt pain. Be better if consumes food to fight against infection applies garlic and onion. Eye soaking with special dilution would hardly assists and labors always consumes nutrition which well-balanced.

4. Dry Eyes, Gritty Eyes

This disease often becomes problem for contact lens consumer, but also can happened if drought air, unable to sleep or lacking of essential fatty acid. Eats many fatty fish is to get benefit omega3. All antioxidants and vitamin of vital importance its specially the vitamin E. consumption of Avocado and walnut.

5. Cataract

Generally happened at elderly. Its the development can be slowed down with rich food of antioxidant especially source of ascorbic acid and flavonoid like orange and black currants, rich food-stuff with quercetin like tea, red wine, and vitamin B2. Keeping eyes since young age is vital importance to maintain healthy life and perfection.
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