Increased Desire To Eat Junk Food At Night

Nighttime is when the most 'dangerous' for dieters or those trying eating a healthy discipline. As the setting sun, the tendency of people to eat junk food even greater.

Massive Health conducted a survey showed no similarity in the daily eating habits for most people in the world. In the morning usually begins with a healthy breakfast, but gradually deteriorate over time and in the evening, many of which eventually could not resist the temptation to eat sugary foods, salt and junk food.

"The health of the food consumed decreased by 1.7 percent per hour after the breakfast time," said Aza Raskin, founder of Massive Health, as quoted from Shape.

At 10:00, the survey noted people in the North and South America tend to eat a healthy breakfast. But now at 22.00, they dominated the consumption of unhealthy foods. While in the early morning at 01.00 hardly found people who run a healthy diet. The same trend also occurred in the countries of Europe, Asia and other regions.

As reported by the Salt, the data is collected from the iPhone application developed by Massive Health, Eatery. For five months, the researchers note, calculate and track how healthy the food consumed by the users of the application. Noted there are about 500 thousand meals of user applications in 50 cities.

This large-scale study only showed a trend of feeding behavior in the average person, but does not explain what causes them to consume unhealthy foods during the night. But one might say, a problem that makes people tend to eat junk food at night because fewer healthy food choices than morning or afternoon.

On top at 21.00, usually because the energy has been depleted have been used to move from morning. When hunger comes, people prefer to use the service delivery order of fast-food restaurant or a potluck meal from what's left in the fridge and dining table. The lack of food choices makes people not paying attention to nutrition and think, 'my stomach full of important'.

Another possibility is disclosed some research, because from morning till noon dieters have tried to maintain a healthy diet, their persistence eventually slacken in the evening. As a result, the desire to snack foods and high calorie fat was unbearable.
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