6 Reasons The Office Environment Causes Obesity

Office where you work, it could be one of the most potential to make fat. There are temptations to eat high-calorie foods while in office. Starting from the desperate ate because of stress, a friend's birthday treats to the temptation of food in addition to the desk.

The site CareerBuilder has conducted a survey to find some cause someone to be obese when in an office environment. The result, there are six factors that contribute to excessive weight gain.

1. Eat For Stress
A survey by CareerBuilder.com revealed that 37 percent of respondents said that stress is a major cause weight gain. When the stress of work, we do tend to want to eat good food. When the stress of whack, do not directly reap potato chips or cookies that you store in the closet. Try to draw a deep breath and slowly exhale as much as 5-10 times. It could also hear the soothing rhythmic music. If it remains an irresistible desire to eat, eat healthy snacks. Bring your own from home nuts, fruit and vegetable pieces. For example, apples, papaya, melon, watermelon, guava, carrots, and so forth.

2. Lunch Out

As many as 20 percent of respondents admitted that lunch outside the office also contribute to add their weight. We are accustomed to a restaurant or diner during the lunch hour. The problem, many do not know how the food processing and how many calories of food provided at the restaurant. Actually okay if you want to eat lunch outside, but to prevent weight gain, you should take it as often as you eat your own lunch. In addition to healthier and cheaper, you can set their own use of the materials to be processed. Quite an occasional meal out, for example, twice a week.

3. Skipping Lunch Hour

There are 19 percent of workers said they often had to skip lunch because of the limited amount of work and working hours. As a result because it was too hungry, when there is a chance to eat them tend to overeat. The key to preventing obesity is to eat on time. If it does not have time to eat lunch on time, always have yogurt, fruit or trail mix (containing a mixture of dried fruit snacks and nuts). Eat some for the stomach, so when you eat lunch, not too crazy and ate too much.

4. The celebration party
When an employee's birthday or up position, is commonplace if they treat their colleagues with good food and high calorie. For example, cake, chocolate or pizza. Imagine if in one month there were six or seven employees of a birthday, then you consume seven times as well as excess calories into the body. When the 'temptation' of this kind comes, control yourself. To honor a friend who had a show, you can just eat what is given but take small meals. Or, you can share with other friends. A piece of cake or pizza eaten alone, will restrict your calorie intake.

5. snacking on candy
As many as 16 percent of respondents said they could not resist the temptation if you are near a jar of candy on their desks. Avoid storing candy, jelly candy or chocolate in your desk drawer. Replace with healthy snacks such as almonds, dried fruit or whole wheat crackers. Another option to suppress the desire to snack, always provide a large bottle of water. Sometimes, we misinterpret the body between hunger and thirst. When cravings come, drink a glass of water to the stomach feel full and snacking desires were stuck.

6. Snacks Eating Habits Partners Office

One cause of an office environment make you more fat, is the temptation to snack taste that brought people from work. A total of 10 respondents said they could not resist when their colleagues or superiors bring a box of donuts or a bag of bread with fresh-baked aroma.

There is only one way to overcome this temptation, none other than avoid it. When there is a cheesecake, donuts or potato chips land on your desk, immediately go to the toilet or out of the room briefly. Spend time by chatting with his other office or receptionist if she is not busy. When he returned to the table and these foods are missing from the table, you were 'rescued' from the temptation to eat high-calorie foods.
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