5 Myths Diet Makes The Body Unhealthy

Has a slim body is a dream of many people, especially women. many diet methods that can be done to produce the ideal body in a relatively fast. but it's happening now is the emergence of myths that make the diet becomes a mess.

Some information about the diet was not entirely true. Calories in order to avoid the quick skinny, using skim milk rather than regular milk, or suggestions for choosing low-fat salad dressings that are not always effective. Here it is the reason!

1. Avoiding fat to skinny fast
Some foods such as salmon and avocado is often avoided because of the high fat content. But the assumption is wrong because the two foods contain good fats for the body. Both of these foods are not fattening, and contain omega-3 fatty acids are good for the heart also helps burn fat.

2. Low-fat salad dressing better
According to one study, fat-free salad dressings are not as healthy as it seems. The authors suggested if you eat salad with a little fat helps the body absorb nutrients more optimally. The more nutrients into the body, then the longer it can last satiety. Add olive oil, avocado or nuts to the salad so that the nutrients can be absorbed better.

3. Margarine better than butter

Most people prefer margarine instead of butter, due to lower calories and fat. But nutritionists Vicky Edgson another opinion. "Margarine through the manufacturing process longer and more difficult hidrogenerasi fat absorbed by the body," said Vicky. Meanwhile, butter contains natural fatty acids, CLA which reduces the risk of heart disease.

4. Skim milk is healthier

Drinking milk is not the kind of low fat does not mean to make a quick fat. Vitamin A, D, E, and K are fat-soluble vitamin and is absorbed by the body more optimal if taken with milk fat. Moreover, low fat milk without the label does not mean that milk fat contains a super high. Vitamin A, D, E, and K in milk fat is able to maintain healthy bones and teeth, plus increase body immunity.

5. Only candies containing high sugar
Many people who avoid foods high in sugar content. Not only that contain high sugar candy. Other foods such as yogurt, pasta sauce, even the bread is also high in sugar. Too much sugar can also trigger more eating and excessive
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