Train Your Brain,So That The Weight Does not Go Up and Down

Losing weight is a very difficult and tiring due to fluctuations,occasional down then up again. and so on. According to the expert,before trying to lose weight,you need to learn is how to keep it in order not to go up and down.

According to research,weight loss will last long if dieters understand healthy habits to maintain your diet and get used to walking around before applying any weight loss program.

The study,involved 267 obese women were divided into 2 groups randomly. The first group was asked to immediately perform the method of weight loss,while the second group was asked to undergo a lifestyle adjustment program and learn to stabilize body weight for 8 week before  starting a weight loss methods.

All participant in both groups were equally successful eventually cut his weight about 7 kg or 9 percent of initial body weight. but the following year,the weight back again 7 kg in those who directly perform weight loss methods. Women who participate in the program 8 weeks behind average only 3 kg.

weight loss programs in the research carried out for 20 week containing a variety of conventional methods are proven effective. Participants meet weekly with a trained instructor, a journal of food,plenty of exercise and increased consumption of fruits and vegetables.

In the 8-week program ,the participants were instructed to not only lose weight,but was also told that weight will come back again after successfully unloaded. The program is designed to teach you how to recognize and control the fluctuating weight,1.5~3 kg that occurs in people with normal weight.

Successful dieters who lose weight often feel excited and enjoyed it then fall asleep so that weight back again. This 8-week program is a program of cognitive behavioral approach, in which participants are taught about dieters experience she ever h
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