Mostly Sitting Dangerous for the Heart and Weight Problems

Fat deposits in the abdomen and surrounding areas certainly will thicken if someone is too much sitting and never move. But make no mistake, there is still a worse risk because fatty deposits are formed also in the heart.

Said to be worse because of the accumulation of fat around the heart is bound to affect the function of these organs. Various studies have linked fat around the heart is called pericardial fat or the risk of clogged arteries by cholesterol.

This risk would be worse than just appearance or body shape is not ideal when only accumulate fat around the abdomen only. Even though belly fat is also associated with metabolic syndrome, among others, could cause diabetes mellitus.
In studies,did not find a direct link with the risk of heart attack or clogged arteries by cholesterol. However, it needs to watch out because many previous studies have shown a risk.

Unfortunately again, previous research has also proven that regular exercise can not compensate for the accumulation of pericardial fat for his seat is still too long. Sports only reduces visceral fat or fat in the stomach, so the only way is to reduce the time to sit.

Unlike the pericardial fat, abdominal fat or visceral fat is more related to diabetes mellitus and metabolic diseases. Although difficult, abdominal fat can still be reduced by regular exercise and would be optimal if supported by a diet low in fat and calories.
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